Turn Your Garage Into a Hangout

Install Lifestyle garage screens in Belton, TX

Do you wish you had extra space for a game room or man cave? Why not use your garage? If you live in Belton, TX or the surrounding area, you can install Eze-Breeze or Lifestyle garage screens with Harvey Home Comfort LLC.

Not only will these screens keep bugs out but they'll also allow the breeze to enter, cooling the area. We can also repair your screens. Reach out to our team to install garage door screens today for only $1,500 for 16ft. x 7ft. screens and below. You'll pay just $900 upfront for materials and $600 once the job is done.

Take your screens to the next level

Take your screens to the next level

Basic Lifestyle garage screens are manual and made from fiberglass with white or black polyester screens. However, you can update them by:

  • Getting a motorized screen
  • Opting for a solar screen or white privacy screen
  • Choosing a different color, like brown or sandstone

We also sell EZE Breeze Doors as well! Ready to start customizing your motorized garage door screen? Talk to our team about your needs today.